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Why Vegan? For Your Health


Today is the first post of a little series I’m doing on the top 3 reasons to go vegan. While people choose this lifestyle for all kinds of personal reasons, there are 3 that seem to always stand out as primary motivators for people to go and remain vegan: health, the animals, and the environment. From my own personal experiences and talking with others, it’s common to gain a lot of knowledge in one of these areas, become super inspired to go vegan, and then learn even more about the other 2. This is definitely what happened with…

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My Vegan Story.

Hi, friends! Before I get going, I want to talk about this new portion of the blog I’m super excited about! Beyond the bananas is a place for me to talk about lifestyle and other random life musings. I’m just too passionate about this whole vegan lifestyle and movement to not vent about it every now and then, ya know?! I find my mind gets so full it’s like overflowing with thoughts of how AMAZING this way of living is, or just thinking about topics related to it, and I want to be able to get your opinions and…

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