Fit Friday 2: Establish a Healthy Morning Routine

Happy Fit Friday, beautiful souls!!

I’ll get right to it – today I’m talking about my morning routine!


I think that the morning is the foundation of your day and really sets the tone for how that day goes. It’s a critical time to get mentally and physically in order to set yourself up for a productive, happy day.

SO here’s what my morning looks like! I’d love to hear about yours, because there are so many different ways to start your day.

Another important note – this is a week, or work day for me. Weekends obviously look a little different – I might sleep in a little later, do some work for school, some baking for the blog, and of course spend time with my husband!

Today we’re talking about a typical rise and grind, work day.

-4:30am – my first alarm goes off. I get up, brush my teeth, and lay back down for a little bit. I call it a “gradual” wake up – I love sleep (who doesn’t?!) so springing out of bed immediately upon waking doesn’t work for me.

-4:45am – second alarm (almost time!)

-5:00am – third alarm – I actually get up this time! Put my workout clothes on (which are already set out and ready to go), stretch, and depending on my workout either go for a run, hop on the airdyne bike in our apartment gym, or start insanity in our home gym room. I always know what workout I’m doing the night before, so I don’t waste time deciding in the morning.

-5:15am – start whatever workout I’m doing that day.

-6:15am – workout is finished, stretch, and take a shower (my showers are QUICK. I don’t wash my hair in the mornings because it allows me to have more time to work out – otherwise I’d have to wake up like 30-45 minutes earlier! So dry shampoo is my best friend on work mornings.)

-6:30am – get dressed (again, clothes are laid out and ready, I put them in a specific spot in my closet the night before. Saving time is the game!)

-6:45am – gather work stuff, post a blog post if applicable, kiss my honey, head to work (my work stuff is always ready to go, including lunch/breakfast that I eat at work, which is prepped on Sundays).

-7:00am – drive to work, listen to Shaun T podcast (sometimes picked at random, sometimes intentionally) to get PUMPED, motivated and excited about my day!

-7:15am – arrive at work, unpack meals/materials, check email, eat breakfast at my desk.

-7:30am – prepare materials for the day, review my schedule/to do list so I’m focused on what needs to be done.

-8:05am – get my students and start our fabulous day!


Most important components of morning routine

  • Me time: This is simply time of you to gather your thoughts, think about your day, what you want to accomplish. Organize your thoughts so that you can feel confident in what you need to tackle that day! For me, this is working out, driving to work, and eating breakfast at work. It’s time to myself to gather my thoughts and get my mind right for the day. It’s a super essential part of my morning routine!
  • Planning ahead: A lot of my morning revolves around being prepared! Whether it’s the clothes I’m going to put on, meals/materials being taken to work, whatever. The more you prepare, the more smoothly your morning will go. So, if something happens like you accidentally sleep in late or something, you aren’t completely thrown off. This also helps you develop habits to be sure you’re consistent in doing things you want to do first thing in the morning – like working out! If your clothes are right there staring at you and you know exactly what workout you’re doing that day, you’re much more likely to get up and do it.
  • Energizing/Pump up time!: I believe that when you’re excited about your day, you’re probably going to have a good day. Whether it’s listening to a podcast (Trust and Believe, baby!), listening to music, reading something, dancing, whatever, find something that truly energizes you. Make it a part of your morning, so that you start your day with positive, radiant energy. It’ll totally change how you look at the day and I guarantee you’ll be happier and get more done.


What does your morning routine look like?

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