Vegan Chickpea Flour Protein Pancakes

A stack of soft, fluffy pancakes topped with a thick, fudgy sauce! These vegan chickpea flour protein pancakes are gluten free and made with just 3 required ingredients. 

Hi! How are your guys’ summers going? Obviously with the wedding and everything mine has been crazy but my best summer yet. Last week I got a to of work for the upcoming school year done, which felt great. But this week I’m in a bit of a rut – all I’ve been able to do is a couple of blog recipes but other than that I’ve kinda felt lazy. My days have consisted of working out, making these pancakes, and laying out at the pool until Joe gets home from work. I’m totally a “work ahead” person, so I’m definitely prepared for the start of school (not a procrastinator!). I’ve had days this summer where I worked on school or blog stuff for hours on end. I love those days because I feel accomplished and like I’m setting my students up for success this coming year.

But on the slower, less eventful days, I start to criticize myself, thinking I need to be more productive. When this happens I’m trying to give myself a break, to remind myself of how busy I’ll be come the start of the school year, and to really relish and savor these “free” days. Honestly I’m much better on the go, I love having a few days off but then I need to have something to keep me occupied! Even though it’s hard for me to slow down, sometimes it’s wonderfully rejuvenating and healthy to do nothing! One thing I haven’t slacked on, though, is my summer breakfasts. Specifically, these vegan chickpea flour protein pancakes I’ve literally made everyday for the past week.

Chickpea Flour Protein Pancakes 2

I’ve posted a lot of my favorite pancake recipes, all of which are made with whole grain oats ground into flour as the base. When the husband and I were in the thick of marathon training we almost always made oatmeal bowls or oatmeal pancakes for post-long run feasts. But now that we’ve conquered the marathon (PHEW), I’m totally back to obsessed with my most favorite chickpea flour protein pancakes!

Chickpea flour and oat flour act much differently in pancakes – but both are wonderful for you, nutritionally speaking. The main difference is texture. Chickpea flour bakes up into softer, fluffier pancakes. The batter will be thinner, but they’re much lighter than the oat flour pancakes. Oat flour pancakes are typically more thick and quite dense. It’s fantastic for waffles. If you’re nerdy like me and into baking stuff, check out this guide to healthy flours for baking.

Sometimes I want thicker, heartier, oat pancakes, but usually I gravitate toward these lighter, softer, gooier pancakes made with chickpea flour. Let’s just be honest, all healthy pancakes are obviously delish, but I could NOT believe I had never even put my vegan chickpea flour protein pancakes on the blog, so today’s the day!

Chickpea Flour Protein Pancakes 1

The pancakes only have 3 required ingredients – chickpea flour, protein powder, and almond milk. SO easy – a requirement for most of my recipes! I also added ground flaxseed because they’re so good for you and add great texture. Simply mix the chickpea flour and protein powder, then add the almond milk. You know I always use Sunwarrior protein (chocolate, of course), but if you have a different brand of plant-based protein, go for it! The only thing that’ll change is your amount of almond milk, as different proteins can be more/less absorbent. I cook mine for about 5-7 minutes on the first side, then just 2 minutes on the other. I like soft/gooey, remember?! Cook to your preference.

Chickpea Flour Protein Pancakes 3

I’m a sauce/dipping freak, so while these cook I make a thick, protein fudge sauce. I simply mixed a half scoop of Sunwarrior with a little bit of unsweetened cocoa and some almond milk. No need to measure, just add milk until it’s all combined and pourable over your fat stack of chickpea flour protein pancakes!

These are my go to post-workout breakfast, especially in the summer when I’m not rushing off to school. I couldn’t stop thinking about how good these were going to be during my HOT 5 mile run this morning…and they def did not disappoint. And yes, I just admitted to daydreaming about pancakes while working out. May or may not occur often. #bodybypancakes

If you try this recipe, let me know how it goes/what you think! Take a picture and tag me @beamingbanana on Instagram. Happy baking!

Vegan Chickpea Flour Protein Pancakes

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: About 8 pancakes


  • Pancakes:
  • 1/2 c chickpea flour (may be labeled garbanzo/fava flour, I use Bob's Red Mill brand)
  • 1/2 scoop chocolate Sunwarrior protein powder (or other plant-based protein)
  • 1 tbsp ground flaxseed, optional
  • 3/4-1 c unsweetened almond milk
  • Protein Fudge Sauce:
  • 1/2 scoop chocolate Sunwarrior protein powder
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Unsweetened almond milk


  1. Heat up a nonstick griddle/pan.
  2. Mix chickpea flour, protein, flaxseed, and almond milk until the batter is totally combined and pourable.
  3. Portion about 1/4 c of batter for each pancake onto the griddle.
  4. Cook for 5-7 minutes on the first side, then about 2-4 minutes on the second side, according to your preference.
  5. To make the protein fudge sauce, mix 1/2 scoop protein, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, and almond milk until it's pourable.
  6. Top the pancake stack with protein fudge sauce, and enjoy!


Chickpea Flour Protein Pancakes Pin