Vegan Rainbow Fruit Tarts

Vegan rainbow fruit tarts made with just 3 ingredients! These cute little tarts are vegan, gluten free, and sweetened with just dates and other fruit. Such a delicious spring treat!

Rainbow Fruit Tarts 1

Happy Monday and belated Easter! How was your weekend?! I’m officially home with my parents in Columbus for my week of spring break – Joe left for France this past Saturday for a work trip. I already miss him like crazy, but it’s SO good to see my family. We’re really close so it’s always so much fun to get back together. My mom and I have some wedding stuff lined up to do this week so that should be fun, too!

In other news, I’m back to running, FINALLY. Could not be happier. Even though I could still work out, I just love the high intensity stuff like running and insanity, so really giving my knee the rest it needed took some discipline, but I did it and I’m hoping I’m through the rough patch as far as the knee issues go! I did 10 miles yesterday and it still hurt quite a bit, but nothing like it was a few weeks ago. I’m just so thankful for a God that can help me heal and for Joe’s support. Excited to start (gradually/safely) increasing my miles again so I’ll be ready for race day April 24th! But my body will definitely be happy once it’s over.

To celebrate my return to running I made these adorable little vegan rainbow fruit tarts. I’m obsessed with the color variety, aren’t they so cute?! The best part is they’re healthy and made with hardly any ingredients – the recipe could not be any easier.

Rainbow Fruit Tarts 2

You’ll start with the crust – no bake, which means treats in less time/without turning on the oven! These tarts use coconut flour as their base – a great gluten free flour that has a slightly nutty, sweet flavor. I love it in all types of desserts, and it serves as a great soft, melt in your mouth crust for these tarts.

Dates are the sweetener in the crust, and no other sweetener is necessary! The sticky dates and flour are combined and then you’ll press them into a cupcake tin – I used liners, froze the crust, and then they came right out and held up. The longer you freeze the crust, the more stable they’ll be! Once you’ve taken the crust out of the freezer, top with whatever fruit you want. I went with just one in each for a rainbow theme with mine, but combinations in one vegan rainbow fruit tart would be lovely, too! Be creative 🙂

Rainbow Fruit Tarts 6

If you try this recipe, let me know how it goes/what you think! Take a picture and tag me @beamingbanana on Instagram. Happy baking!

Vegan Rainbow Fruit Tarts

Prep Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 1 hour

Yield: 6 tarts


  • 1/2 c date paste (8 medjool dates blended with 1/2 c water)
  • 6 tbsp coconut flour
  • 3/4 c water*
  • Assorted fruit
  • *coconut flour is SUPER absorbent, so depending on how juicy your dates are you may need more/less water for the crust. Basically once you combine all the ingredients you want the crust to hold together and not crumble, but not add so much water to the point that it's wet.


  1. Blend dates and water into a paste and combine in a bowl with coconut flour.
  2. Add 3/4 c water and stir crust together.
  3. Line cupcake tin with 6 liners (I used ones with foil insides so they wouldn't stick).
  4. Put 2 tbsp of crust into each cup and use the back of the tablespoon to press gently in the center of the crust, spreading it up the sides and creating a space for the fruit.
  5. Freeze crusts for at least 1 hour.
  6. Add fruit, remove from muffin cups and enjoy!