Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal

This vegan 3 ingredient berry cereal is super fun, sweet and healthy breakfast. Made with just 3 simple ingredients, it’s gluten free and naturally sweetened!

Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal

So just as I sat down to write this post, a funny thing happened. If you don’t feel like hearing my whining about people being WAY off in guessing my age, just keep scrolling!

Anyway, I sit down to tell you all about this bomb vegan 3 ingredient berry cereal, and the doorbell rings. Because I am weird and paranoid about being here alone, I naturally leapt off the couch to hide behind a wall between me and the front door so whoever the heck it was wouldn’t see me. I swear I’m not antisocial, rather cautious of axe murderers who would visit my house in broad daylight and try to kidnap me or something.

I try to wait them out, but the doorbell rings THREE MORE TIMES. Like, give up, guy. But I knew my car and open garage were completely giving my presence away, so, I finally answer the door, wrestling Rumor all the way so she won’t escape.

Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal

It was a guy who was at least 60, and a younger guy, probably in his 30s. They were clearly trying to sell something, and the first words out of the older man’s mouth were, “is mom or dad home?”

After staring at him for a good 10-15 seconds waiting for him to laugh, I realize he’s super serious. All I could manage to get out was, “I don’t live with mom or dad.”

*Insert awkward silence*

The younger guy pointed out that I had a ring on, and the older man then proceeded to put a big old foot in his mouth, calling himself an “old fart,” which is why he assumed I was so young. He could’ve stopped there, but THEN he said, “oh wow, I thought you were 12!” Now, I realize that this is like, a totally “flattering” problem to have. People often think I’m much younger than I actually am, and I’m not offended by it, it’s just kind of funny and surprising to me even though it happens over and over. I’ll be 25 in a couple of weeks…I understand people thinking 18, maybe even like 16 on a day that I’m looking rough…but 12?! COME ON.

Needless to say, I wasn’t a purchasing customer that day. I promptly closed the door and sat on my couch with a big bowl of this vegan 3 ingredient berry cereal, and it felt so right, since you know, I’m 12 years old.

Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal

The more that I thought about it, I quickly came to the conclusion that ALL ages love cereal, simply for the fact that it brings back that nostalgia of childhood, waking up on a Saturday morning, the whole day in front of you, and immediately downing a bowl of pure sugar. Then you’d sprint around for awhile, and later crash and probably whine to your parents about being bored and/or hungry. Not that I ever did that.

So, this vegan 3 ingredient berry cereal is here to rectify that sugar crash! This cereal brings back all those warm, fuzzy, childhood cereal memories, AND it’s totally healthy and plant-based. It’s made with just 3 simple ingredients, and it’ll actually fill you up.

Plus, it’s so cute!! That’s an important quality in food, right?! You guys get me. This cereal is a fun spin on one of my FAVORITE recipes I’ve posted – my healthy version of my favorite childhood cereal, cocoa puffs!

Swap out the cocoa for fresh, summery berries, and we’ve got a cereal that famous Cap’n would definitely approve of. Get what I’m sayin?!

Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal


The ingredients are super healthy and you probably already have them. If not, your grocery list is 3 ingredients long, so no worries. Simply grind oats into flour, blend up some date paste, and blend whatever berries you choose. I did raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries for some color variation…but this means I had to use 3 separate bowls to make batter. It’s not as complicated or fussy as it sounds, but it would be just as good (and a little easier) with just one type of berry.

Anyway, the berries you use is totally up to you. If we’re picking favorites, though, I’d recommend the strawberry or raspberry! Even though they aren’t as pretty as the bright purple blackberry, I find their flavor came out way stronger, just like when you eat them fresh – blackberries just have a little less powerful flavor. The picture above is what they’ll look like before going into the oven.

Also, I’m dying at how much bigger the spheres get as you look further back on the pan. For whatever reason, the blackberry batter was a lot easier to roll out, while the strawberry and raspberry batter was a little stickier and hard to work with so I just made big globs instead of cute balls. The strawberry and raspberry totally make up for it in flavor, though!


Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal

Bake your lil cereal orbs for about 30 minutes on a sheet pan and let it cool. I always let it sit out for a couple of hours, so that it gets a bit crunchy.

This version doesn’t end up getting super hard and crunchy like the chocolate cereal, probably since the cocoa doesn’t help it dry out. But it gets a bit crisp on the outside and the inside is nice and chewy, it’s sooo yum with some almond milk.

Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal

I love my cereal with just a little bit of almond milk, and a few fresh berries for some bright color and even more pops of strong berry flavor! The amount noted in the recipe makes about 3 cups of cereal. Never enough though, right? Whenever I eat cereal it seems to turn into a challenge for how much I can eat…12 bowls is okay, right? You know, for each year I am old.

Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal

This vegan 3 ingredient berry cereal couldn’t be more perfect for summer. It’s a simple but fun weekend project to have a healthy, special breakfast and snack all week! You really can’t argue with 3 ingredients, especially when it comes out this pretty.

Oh and guys guess what?! I’m off to Florida for an anniversary trip with my fabulous husband tomorrow, woohoo! So excited for a fun trip with my favorite human. No new recipe Monday, but I’ll be posting a tour of my kitchen instead, so look out for that and have an AMAZING weekend!

Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal

If you try this recipe, let me know how it goes/what you think! Take a picture and tag me @beamingbanana on Instagram. Happy baking!

Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour

Yield: About 3 cups of cereal


  • 3 c whole grain rolled oats, ground into flour
  • 1 c date paste - I use about 16 medjool dates blended with 1 c hot water
  • 1 1/2 c fresh berries, blended


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Blend the oats until they resemble flour.
  3. Measure 1 cup of oat flour into 3 separate bowls.
  4. Make the date paste, then measure out 1/3 cup of paste into each of the 3 bowls.
  5. Puree 1/2 cup of berries, and put into one bowl. Repeat with the remaining berries and add to the remaining bowls of batter.
  6. Stir to combine each bowl of batter until thoroughly mixed.
  7. Grab about 3 teaspoons of batter, roll into a ball, and place on a lined baking sheet. Repeat until all the batter is on the baking sheet.
  8. Bake the cereal for 30 minutes.
  9. Allow the cereal to cool and sit out for about 2 hours - this is when it gets crunchy!

Vegan 3 Ingredient Berry Cereal