Top 10 Recipes of 2017!

A look back at the top 10 recipes of 2017! Plus, reflecting on this past year and looking forward to the recipes coming in 2018.

Another year gone, another year of sweet, vegan treats here on the blog! I feel like 2017 was a year of lots of fun experimentation! Whether it was flours or the entire recipe itself, I made a lot of really awesome discoveries (looking at you, buckwheat and banana flour). I really focused on creating impressive, easy to transport recipes for you to take to gatherings. Though I think that’s super important as far as opening non-vegan eyes to delicious vegan food to get them to change their habits for a better world for animals and their own health, this year I’m shifting my focus a bit.

My recipes revolve around vegan ingredients first and foremost, but I’m always extremely dedicated to bringing you healthy, EASY recipes. This year I want to bring you more simple but still oh so delicious recipes that you might enjoy on a daily basis.  Think breakfast cookies and bars, pancakes, granola, oatmeal bowls, stuff like that. All as sweet as dessert, of course, and healthy! Not to worry, though, there will definitely still occasionally be some fancy, special occasion desserts. Oh, and dinners, too! I know, WHO AM I. I’m extremely excited, because I want my recipes to be as useful and relevant as possible for your day to day life, so I’m hoping you guys will love what’s coming! And as always, feel free to email or message me at any time with requests – I love to personalize my content even more for YOU!

Before we move in to a new year of healthy, compassionate baking fun, let’s reflect on 2017 and reminisce on the most popular recipes! This list definitely included some of my favorites, but there were a few surprises, too. Let’s get to it – here are the top 10 recipes of 2017!

10. Vegan soft batch chocolate chocolate chip cookies: I was SO relieved to see that these made the top 10, because they were easily my favorite cookie recipe of not only this year, but probably ever. Chocolate dough with melty pockets of chocolate chips…yes please. Their soft batch texture gets me every time!

9. Vegan chocolate chip banana bars: I vividly remember making these and being SO excited with how they came out. Rich, fudgy, banana-y(?), and loaded with chocolate chips. There are few combinations that top chocolate + banana for me, and these bars will blow your mind. You’ll never know the base is chickpeas!

8. Vegan blueberry doughnuts: This one surprised me, not because they don’t taste great, but because I haaaated these photos. Looks like that didn’t hold them back, though! Soft, baked doughnuts full of blueberries and with even more blueberry flavor on top. Such a fun breakfast treat.

7. Vegan banana caramel cheesecake: This indulgent, rich cheesecake was my birthday dessert of choice this year – I know, how could I pick something without chocolate?! Well, it wasn’t too difficult to stray from chocolate when bananas and dates are involved. Plus, vegan cheesecake is always my choice when I feel like indulging for special occasions.

6. Vegan black raspberry chip protein nice cream: How long could I stare at these photos? The limit does not exist. This nice cream came out so beautifully, and that’s note even mentioning it’s lovely berry flavor! Combine that with the chocolate protein and unapologetically HUGE chocolate chunks throughout, it’s pretty irresistible.

5. Vegan chocolate doughnuts: Based on last year and the fact that there are multiple doughnuts on this year’s list, it’s clear to me that you guys are serious about your doughnuts! And what’s better than a doughnut AND chocolate? These baked chocolate doughnuts are soft, sweet, and so chocolatey.

4. Vegan 3 ingredient chocolate cereal: COOCOO FOR HEALTHY COCOA PUFFS!!! These officially hold the title of the most fun recipe I’ve ever created for the blog. They are so fun to make, but even more fun to eat, of course. Literally just made of oat flour, dates, and cocoa powder. I repeat: HEALTHY, VEGAN COCOA PUFFS. Forever grateful to myself for randomly trying to make these one day.

3. Vegan caramel brownies: How do I improve my favorite rich, fudgy vegan brownies? Swirl them with a thick ribbon of date caramel. I’m not drooling, YOU are. Also, these are more photogenic than most people I know. SO pretty!

2. Vegan carrot cake cupcakes: These making the top 10 took me by a surprise, I have to say! Not that they weren’t soft, sweet, and perfect – I was just surprised they were literally the second most popular for the whole year, topping tons of other more wild, chocolate-filled treats! You go, carrot. Represent the veg in desserts.

1. Vegan banana coconut cookies: Topping the list at number one, 2 ingredient vegan banana coconut cookies! I seriously cannot help but laugh when I think about this being number one, mostly because I literally had some extra coconut and really ripe bananas one day, mixed them together, and baked them to see if anything cool happened. Well, some delicate, super chewy, banana-y cookies happened, and you guys LOVE them. With 10,000+ repins on pinterest, I’m guessing that the simplicity of these gems is what got them to the top spot! Sweet flavor without much time or effort, I totally get it. Happy my favorite fruit and the namesake of the blog is represented at number one, too!

There you have it, my top 10 recipes of 2017! Have you tried any?! Just like last year, there were a couple of my favorites that were super close but didn’t quite crack the top 10, so I have to include them – they’re too good not to mention!

Here are some of my favorites that didn’t make the top 10:

Vegan soft batch chocolate chip cookies: Just like the chocolate chocolate version at number 10, I am completely in love with these chocolate chip cookies. These are definitely my go to for classic chocolate chip cookies, and I’m so happy to have this recipe now! Soft, chewy, and of course, loaded with as many chocolate chips as possible.

Vegan chocolate chip cookie gooey bars: THESE. I remember baking and trying these and literally moaning with pleasure (I know it’s weird, leave me alone). They are SO. DAMN. GOOD. Rich, sweet, with a super thick, fudgy texture. Oh my goodness. I cannot handle how good they are. 11/10 would make again, every day of my life. TRY THEM.

Vegan chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting: This cake not only tasted amazing, but I was pretty damn proud of myself for making it, I have to admit. Not only was the cake soft, sweet, and full of powerful chocolate flavor, I DIED over the frosting. Sweet with just the perfect amount of tanginess, SO reminiscent of cream cheese frosting, only without the horribly cruel dairy involved, and made of healthy ingredients! It’s a must try if you’ve got a special occasion and want to impress.

Vegan skillet cookie: Haha this freaking thing. I literally half of an entire skillet for dinner one night. Just like my favorite soft batch cookie recipes, it is sooo gooey and chocolatey, and the perfect size for sharing – but you won’t want to!

Vegan chocolate peanut butter date truffles: I love how cute and poppable these little babes are! I’m really excited about these truffles because they’re most definitely going to be a yearly Christmas tradition for us from now on. The perfect combination of salty and sweet, all wrapped in a dark chocolate shell. Yuuuuum.

Vegan gingerbread: Last but not least, this gingerbread loaf! The cookie version definitely represents Christmas for me, but this loaf is now our Christmas breakfast tradition.

Let me know if you guys have tried any of these recipes, or which was your favorite! Thanks for another amazing year, I appreciate each and every one of you reading this more than you could ever know, and I’m always doing my best to bring you recipes that’ll make your belly happy, your body healthy all while saving sweet animals and our planet. I’m so excited for what’s to come in 2018!

Here’s to the best year yet for Beaming Banana, and for you! Wishing you the happiest, healthiest new year.