Kitchen Equipment + GIVEAWAY

Today’s focus for the vegan baking guide is kitchen equipment!


Kitchen equipment can have a huge impact on how recipes come together and how they turn out. It can also play a huge role in how easy recipes are to make!


Setting yourself up for success with vegan baking (baking in general, really) is crucial, and your equipment and tools will help you get the best, most delicious results.

Delicious = what we all want, no?


Here’s what I would describe as must have, required equipment/tools for most of my recipes, and what I use them for. The good news is, for most of my easy, vegan recipes, you don’t need much more than a bowl and a one major piece of equipment or kitchen tool! I’m all about simplicity when it comes to methods and that includes the equipment required.




This is NOT a sponsored post – I just love you guys and want your vegan/healthy baking experiences to be as enjoyable/easy/fun as possible!

Because this recipe blew up on Pinterest and is still the most popular on my blog, I’m giving away a doughnut pan and 3 super neon, cute silicone spatulas! I use these spatulas in almost every recipe I bake.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me what you plan to bake with the pan/spatulas, and you’ll be entered.

One entry per person – a winner will be selected and notified Sunday night. Then of I’ll ship the winner their goodies 🙂

Have a lovely Friday and weekend, friends!