No Cow Discount!

I’m now a brand ambassador for No Cow, which means I’ve got a special discount code just for you to get 20% off your order!

No Cow

Hello, beautiful human!

I have exciting news! I recently became a brand ambassador for No Cow, which is a fancy way of saying I really like the company and they gave me a discount code to give to all of my beautiful readers (like you!). Before we get to the fun discount stuff, let’s chat a little bit about No Cow!

No Cow is a bomb brand that creates legit protein bars, protein cookies, and even protein nut butters (though they are stopping the nut butters soon for new products to come, so grab those while they’re still available!). No Cow is different from most protein bar companies in ALL the best ways. Rather than horrible for you, totally unrecognizable ingredients, No Cow’s products have absolutely NO: dairy, gluten, soy, or GMOs. Also, typical bars have TONS of added sugar or strange sugar alcohols, but No Cow is super low sugar and uses natural sweeteners.

No Cow

I’ve said it before: you do NOT need to consume protein bars or powders to get enough protein on a vegan diet. BUT I’ve also said, I use protein powder myself as a supplement, mostly because it just tastes pretty damn good. Well, same goes for No Cow products! They pack tons of protein so like, if you’re worried about that or looking to make some extra vegan gains, they’re just what you want. If you aren’t worried about protein but just want a yummy, sweet snack that also has lots of the micronutrients from plants, they’re for you, too! Plus, the flavors are so fun.

Bar flavors: peanut butter chocolate chip, blueberry cobbler, lemon meringue pie, raspberry truffle, mint cacao chip, chocolate fudge brownie, carrot cake, chunky peanut butter

Cookie flavors: chocolate chip, double chocolate, peanut butter, snickerdoodle

No Cow

Joe and I did a taste test video over on my youtube channel, so you can check out that video here to see which flavors were our favorite!

Alright so now to the good stuff – you can use my discount code at checkout, sarag20 to get 20% off your No Cow order! We definitely don’t eat products like this every day, but as the occasional treat or convenient snack while on the go, I absolutely recommend No Cow products over anything else out there when it comes to protein snacks.

Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance for using my code!

No Cow